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Subaru XV VS Honda HR-V

Subaru XV VS Honda HR-V

All-wheel drive and performance.

As a Subaru model, of course we know that the XV comes with Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. Every single XV in the lineup has all-wheel drive standard, even at the base level. The Honda HR-V, on the other hand, doesn’t have standard all-wheel drive. It does, however, have it available as an option, but drivers have to ask for it special when ordering.

Power and fuel economy.

The standard equipment on the Subaru XV is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that puts out 156 horsepower and torque of 196Nm / 4000 rpm. Comparatively, the Honda HR-V engine is a less-impressive, 142-horsepower 1.8-liter four-cylinder with torque of 172Nm / 4300 rpm. Additionally, the XV has a larger gas tank that averages around 448 miles in the city per tank of gas, and 548 miles on the highway per tank. The Honda averages only 370 in the city and 449 miles on the highway per tank of gas.

Quiet ride.

The Subaru XV is engineered with plenty of insulation and the interior is designed to muffle exterior noise and any engine noise. The Honda HR-V, on the other hand, is not built with the same level of noise-cancelling technology, and has been criticized in reviews for having an exceedingly loud engine and ride quality.




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The Subaru XV – The Crash Test King

The Subaru XV – The Crash Test King

In Japan, no car manage to absorb collision and dissipate the impact energy as effectively as the Subaru XV. A new Japanese record for chassis integrity and safety has been set by the XV’s crash test results.


Polling an unprecedented score of 199.7 points in a recent crash test conducted by the National Agency for Automotive Safety and Victim Aid (NASVA), the organisation that announces JNCAP (Japan New Car Assessment Programme) figures, the XV was awarded the country’s prestigious Grand Prize for Crash Safety Evaluation. Ranked out of an absolute top score of 208 (8 points allocated to the car’s seatbelt reminder of which Subaru scored 8), the XV’s near 200 points in the highest ever score.

Every type of crash test, including frontal impact, offset impact, side impact, side impact/pole test, roof strength (rollover) and pedestrian safety were all awarded the highest “good” rating giving the XV a highest 5-star rating.

Such high acclaim has also been showered on Subaru’s XV in the U.S. when the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the XV crossover – called the Crosstrek in the States — with its Top Safety Pick prize, an award given for its combination of impressive crash safety and signature EyeSight safety technology.

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